Events and Education

Jan. 24, 2024 Blog, Re-Posted April 29, 2024

Events and Education

What is Crypto

The crypto – currency topic and market and news has become popular. ?!!….

For some people, the majority of main stream people that didn’t have an interest in the crypto-currency world… was just this new addition to the stock market stats.

Although, there has been a large push to promote and use the crypto and alternative currencies.

Comparables and Examples

It is similar to Politics.  This year, 2024, is an election year and there is much political campaigning going on.

Prominent people, popular people, “influencers”, Stars, V.I.P.’s, former Politicians, News anchors, etc…..

When they speak a message, or give their opinion about the election, or who people should vote for, ….that is how they promote, market, campaign, influence, or introduce an idea, opinion, or product to viewers and people.

Money times

Similarly, when a Crypto-currency is given as the only option, or used as a preferred method of payment to a Popular person, or Person of influence…..

Then the people in that sphere of influence are introduced to the concept, idea, or product.

Blast Off

It’s “Rocket Science”…..right ??

So, events and education can be ways of meeting other people and learning about these ideas, products, etc……

They might even have an exhibit at one of the Science museums !!


Re-Posted April 29, 2024

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